Hans Merensky Golf Course

Experience: Hans Merensky Golf Course

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A Prestigious Golf Course

Just as you are about to “Tee off”, you are focused on the ball and looking to get that hole in one… You look up and there in front of you is a wild Giraffe grazing the luscious green fairway in front of you…

Welcome to Africa!

Hans Merensky, a Golf course located on the border of the Kruger National Game Reserve offers more than just a challenging course for golf lovers worldwide.

The wildlife alone is a sight for sore eyes, and you will often leave your experience with tales to tell the grandchildren.


Overview of Hans Merensky Golf Course

The course itself has been voted as one of the best walking courses located in South Africa. It even received the Diamond Arrow award for being the highest rated course located in  the Limpopo Province. This excellent achievement received by the Golf course clearly signifies the quality of the course.

The course is measured to be in the region of 6549 m in range and welcomes visitors every day of the week.

Due to its location it is an International hotspot where you often experience more than just a game of golf but also your own version of a walking safari.

Animals that reside in the course itself include, Giraffes, hippos, a variety of antelope, and be sure to keep an eye out when near the water as the resident crocodile aren’t the friendliest.



Hans Merensky Golf Course hosts a variety of competitions for all levels of golfing. Some of which are company based organised events whilst others for larger International tournaments. If you would like to learn more about these please be sure to visit the following page for further information. Click Here.


The Hans Merensky Hotel And Spa

Hans Merensky Hotel and Spa offers a variety of rooms situated around the golf course, ensuring a private and relaxed stay for your visit.

The luxury spa includes a variety of 5 star treatments and an outdoor pool for enjoying the climate found in Phalaborwa.

Each of the rooms come well equipped and furnished with a modern touch. Each of the rooms includes its own en-suite bathroom facilities and much more.


Booking A Round Of Golf At Hans Merensky

Whether you are looking to book a round of golf or find out more about Hans Merensky golf course, please visit the following link:

Click Here

For further information about the course and how to get hold of them for booking.


Booking Accommodation At Hans Merensky

Whether you are looking to book a stay at the Hans Merensky Hotel & Spa or somewhere local in Phalaborwa, our team of experts are here to help. For further information on on booking accommodation in Phalaborwa. Please click here.


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