Journalists Take Action In Phalaborwa

Journalists Take Action

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Journalists Wanted!

With our new dedicated site officially live, it is time to begin the exciting process of content. The aim of the site is to continue to keep the Phalaborwa residents up to date with the latest news, events and all things in-between.

Therefore we are looking for volunteers… Whether you wish to promote an event, write about a topic close to your heart or merely help keep Phalaborwa up to date we would love to hear from you.

All that we ask in return is a couple of things…

  • Posts are written in English/Afrikaans
  • Written in a professional manner
  • Images used are either your own or you have been given permission to use

The content posted within the site is for the purpose of Tourists and Locals. It must therefore be informative, useful and politically correct.

Where Do I Sign?

Now that you are keen to start we ask that you navigate using the top Menu to Members > Write for us or by using the link below:

Write For Us

With this you will be led to a contact form to which we ask some simple questions and after submission we will try our hardest to get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

Before we finish we must also stress is a non-profitable organisation and all fees calculated on the site are put straight back into the site and its development and therefore writers work on a volunteering basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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