Phalaborwa Municipality

Phalaborwa Municipality

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About Phalaborwa Municipality

Phalaborwa is known as the town of two summers as you will never find winter settling in this town. It is located in the Mopani District of the Limpopo province and homes the largest man made hole of 2000 meters. In order to run the administration of this town a municipality is set up. There are about 41,115 households in the locality and the population is about 150,637. Most of the places in this town are linked to miners and those working in the Kruger national Park.


Key Attractions Under This Municipality

By area the town of Phalaborwa may not be very large but there are a number of attractions that attracts tourists all over the world to this small town. This is the reason that the municipality have to work hard to keep everything in order so that the outsiders love this place and keep coming. They are a source of revenue for many locals living in Phalaborwa.

Some of the important attractions of this region are the

  • The Kruger National Park
  • Letaba Ranch Game Conservancy
  • Hans Merensky Golf Course in the wild and Estate
  • Water based activities in the lower Olifants River
  • Township and rural cultural tours
  • Eiland Resort and Spa
  • Tsonga Kraal
  • The Big baobab tree in Gravelotte
  • The Big Copper Hole tours

There are some more that can be enjoyed by tourists. They are also a source of revenue for the municipality as well as the locals.


Different Departments That Run The Municipality

In order to run the administration of the municipality as well as the town there are different departments headed by departmental heads who look after the smooth functioning with the town. There is a Planning and Development department who mainly looks after the local economic development, strategic planning for development and spatial planning and human settlements. They look after the land use management, tourism development and performs other functions.

The budget and treasury office is responsible for the supply chain management, Revenue and debt management, Assets and Fleet Management, Financial accounting and Expenditure management. Community services on the other hand is composed of other various offices like health services, traffic and licensing, Park and cemeteries, library services and others so that they can provide the citizens of the town with a proper environment to live in.

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