Tourism In Phalaborwa

Tourism In Phalaborwa

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Welcome To Phalaborwa

Phalaborwa is a town in the Limpopo Province in South Africa and is on the eastern side of the Kruger National Park. Phalaborwa is a year-long tourist destination because it experiences warm summers and mild winters. Phalaborwa is known as the “Town of Two Summers”. Phalaborwa is synonymous with tourism as well as wild life. The town is very near to the central gate of the Kruger National Park and from this town the visitors can easily reach the various spots of tourist attraction.

Mining is the major industry in Phalaborwa and the mines here are rich sources of various minerals. Those who visit Phalaborwa will have the rare opportunity to see the largest open-cast mines in the world. The most popular tourist attractions in Phalaborwa are sunrise/sunset wilderness trails, the “Bush Barbeque”, the day and night Safaris and the Olifant River Boat Safari.

The Phalaborwa Gate is the easiest entry point to the Kruger National Park and every year no less than 200000 visitors pass through the Phalaborwa Gate. Greater Phalaborwa is the ideal place for the tourists to stay and relax. There are luxurious lodges and game farms around Greater Phalaborwa. Self-catering less expensive accommodation and smaller game farms are also available for the visitors who are on a lower budget.

Greater Phalaborwa is known for its rich bird life.


Things to do in Phalaborwa

Visits to Phalaborwa will be an exciting experience for all tourists. Tourists can visit various places of historical importance and many places of cultural attraction. The Phalaborwa travel itinerary will include the various places of attraction, games and other activities in Phalaborwa including adventurous and entertainment activities, visits to various historical monuments, places of natural beauty and places to dine and drink.

Those who travel to Phalaborwa can’t afford to miss three places – The Kruger National Park, The Elephant Experience and the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Tour.


Trip to The Kruger National Park

This one-day guided tour is arranged by tour operators and they arrange to pick up tourists from their hotel and drop-off here as well. This is an ideal sight-seeing trip for the family. A private guide will be arranged for those who want to make the trip more personal. The visit to Kruger National Park is indeed one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime allowing close encounters with wildlife makes this trip more adventurous as well as thrilling. The trip to Kruger National Park in an open safari vehicle provides a great safari experience throughout the day.


Camp Jabulani Elephant Experience

The trip to Camp Jabulani starts around 6.20 AM. The visitors get the opportunity to acquaint with a unique elephant family. The tourists enjoy the entire day in the company of the elephants within purely natural surroundings.


Hoedspruit Endangered Species Tour

This trip which starts from Hoedspruit will be the most informative part of the trip to Phalaborwa. The visitors come across with various rare, endangered and injured species and they can watch the rescue and rehabilitation activities in the conservation centres. Here, they will also get to know about the release of cheetahs into the park which are captive-bred.

Amarula Lapa Experience

Experience: Amarula Lapa

Amarula Amarula is a kind of alcoholic drink which is produced from the fruit named Marula. This fruit contains around 4 times more Vitamin C

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