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Welcome To

Welcome to the new and improved! For some the old site was a portal for the latest news and events for others it may have just been a go to for contact details. Things have changed!

Here in Phalaborwa we like to do things differently, and that is the plan moving forward with this site. There are plenty of features currently available and plenty more to come in due course. With a team of professionals in the field and the keen dedication to make this work we are very willing to hear your feedback on the site. What you like? Do not like? What could be added to make it more user friendly… And so on!

Let us begin this new adventure by giving you the low down on what you can expect for the site and more. We are talking about:

  • Places To Stay
  • Places To Eat
  • Things To Do
  • Message Boards
  • Galleries
  • Events
  • Latest Town News
  • Visitor Information
  • Deals
  • And So Much more!

It truly is an exciting time for Phalaborwa and we are ecstatic to be a part of it!

Alongside the new website we have also hit the social scene and created some fantastic pages we ask that you all follow and share. These alone will continue to spread news and updates from what is happening in the Phalaborwa area.To see these pages and also support us we ask that you navigate via the top menu to the “Support Us” pages or click the link below:

Support Us is also looking for interested volunteers to help us keep up to date with the latest news and events to aid in the site, so if you feel a editorial role within the site please do contact us.


Not only are we keeping you up to date with the latest news we have also been busy compiling a directory of the best places to stay, eat and do in Phalaborwa. If you feel we have missed out on any areas please do contact us for more. Further to this if you feel you have something exciting and different to add to the mix, we offer some great marketing campaigns to help all types of businesses out.


With exciting times ahead we ask that you help support us and share this with family and friends. In return we will continue to improve the site in as many ways as possible, listening to your feedback where applicable.

All you must do is look out for this: Logo Logo

So here is to a fantastic future within Phalaborwa and we look forward to having you guys as part of it!

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