Looking For A Restaurant In Phalaborwa?

Where To Eat In Phalaborwa

Where To Eat In Phalaborwa?

Whether you are visiting for a short period or looking to stay in Phalaborwa, there is a variety of activities available for the whole family.

Situated in the Limpopo Province, Phalaborwa offers a gateway directly into the Kruger National Park at the heart of the “Bush” allowing access to a variety of Safari packages in which you are able to see the South African Big Five.

Top Places To Eat In Phalaborwa

Below is a list of some of the top attractions Phalaborwa has to offer:

  1. Hat And Creek
  2. Big Five Pub And Grill
  3. Buffalo Pub And Grill
  4. Vila Luso
  5. Gholovan

For a list of our top 10 recommendations of places to eat in Phalaborwa, please click here.

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Where To Stay In Phalaborwa

Whether you are looking to stay in Phalaborwa for a short stay or an extended visit, we have a variety of facilities available, from Backpacker style accommodation to fully certified 5 star accommodation packages.

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